II. Bodensee to Geneva via Luzern and Bern/alternative road

This is an interactive map that allows you to view the route in the context of Switzerland. To open the map, click on the rectangle at the top right. The circles correspond to the end of each stage. By clicking on these circles, you will have access to the information provided by Google for these places (images, some accommodation, routes, etc.). This could also help you sometimes, even if this information is more for people who travel by car, and not on foot, like you…

Here are the stages from Konstanz to Geneva. Click on the stages to open them:

Stage 1 : From Konstanz to  Märstetten

Stage 2 : From Märstetten to Münchwilen

Etape 3 : De Münchwilen à Steg im Tösstal

Stage 4 : From Steg im Tösstal to Rapperswil

Stage 5 : From Rapperswil to Einsiedeln

Stage 6 : From Einsiedeln to Brunnen

Stage 7 : From Brunnen to Vitznau

Stage 8: From Vitznau to Küssnacht

Stage 9: From Küssnacht to Luzern

Stage 9a: Visit to Luzern

Stage 10a: From Luzern to Werthenstein via Via Jacobi 3

Stage 10b: From Luzern to Werthenstein via Via Jacobi 4

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