I. Bodensee to Geneva- Rorschach track- Via Jacobi 4 (english)

This is an interactive map that allows you to view the route in the context of Switzerland. The circles correspond to the end of each step. By clicking on these circles, you will have access to the information provided by Google for these places (images, some accommodations, routes, etc.). It could also help you sometimes, even if this information is more for people who travel by car, and not on foot, like you…

Here are the stages from Rorschach to Geneva. Click on the stages to open:

Stage 1 : From Rorschach to Herisau

Stage 2 : From Herisau to Wattwil

Stage 3 : From Wattwil to Rapperswil

Stage 4a : From Rapperswil to Einsiedeln

Stage 4b : From Schmerikon to Einsiedeln

Stage 5 : From Einsiedeln to Brunnen

Stage 6 : From Brunnen to Stans

Stage 7 : From Stans to Sachelsn

Stage 8 : From Sachseln to Brünig Pass

Stage 9 : From Brünig to Ringgenberg

Stage 10 : From Ringgenberg to Spiez

Stage 11 : From Spiez to Wattenwil

Stage 12 : From Wattenwil to Schwarzenburg

Stage 13 : From Schwarzenburg to Fribourg

Stage 14 : Visit of Fribourg

Stage 15 : From Fribourg to Romont

Stage 16 : From Romont to Moudon

Stage 17a: From Moudon to Lausanne/Lake Sauvabelin

Stage 17b: From Montpreveyres to the junction of the new Via Jacobi 4

Stage 18a: Visit to Lausanne

Stage 18 : From Lausanne to Rolle

Stage 19 : From Rolle to Coppet

Stage 20 : From Coppet to Genève

You can either enter the stage of your choice or follow the navigation from one stage to another. Have a good trip.

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